For Sale:

Challa Station Justified (born 7 Oct 2017) is a Morgan gelding with a very big personality. He is friendly and quiet and good to handle. Like all foals out of Mt Tawonga Belinda, he has an exceptional temperament and he has the potential to become an ideal riding horse. Sensible, quiet and willing, his low flight response has not come about through overhandling, it was there from birth. He handles alarming situations with the calm and a thoughtfulness that only a Morgan can.

Justified is expected to reach around 15h. Challa Station Justified (by Koolaroo Klasique Ebony,) has been gelded and is now offered for sale for $6000 inc GST (negotiable) He will be available once he is weaned. Expressions of interest are welcome. 

Justified is full brother to Challa Station Captivate and half brother to Challa Station Willow. 

Challa Station Justified

Challa Station Justified

Challa Station Justified at 3 weeks

Challa Station Justified at 3 weeks

Challa Station Justified is just an hour old in this photo.

Challa Station Justified is just an hour old in this photo.


Frozen Semen

Frozen Semen from Koolaroo Klasique Ebony is available for purchase. Koolaroo Klasique Ebony is a pure Morgan, 7/8 Lippitt, by Karenza Apollo (Lenny's sire) out of Red Bluff Kareena. KKE is the sire of Challa Station Captivate, Challa Station Boudicca and Challa Station Tirrakoa (owned by Jess Blackwell) and Challa Station Justified (via frozen semen) POA.

Koolaroo Klasique Ebony as a 3yo, with Ian Leighton

Koolaroo Klasique Ebony as a 3yo, with Ian Leighton

If there is a young horse or brood mare that catches your eye but is not listed for sale, contact us. You never know!

SOLD Challa Gold Rush

SOLD: This delightful half Morgan filly, by Australian Stock Horse Benalong Waymore Wishes out of our Morgan mare, Greenstone Giaginye.  Born on 31st August 2017, Gold Rush is palomino and expected to mature to 15h. 

Challa Gold Rush at 8 weeks

Challa Gold Rush at 8 weeks


SOLD - Challa Station Symphony (Twisty) Foaled Sep 6th 2013. AMHA and MHAA registered. 

A golden palomino, pure bred filly by Baptiste Levi Strauss out of Red Bluff Just the Ticket. Twisty is beautiful in every sense of the word. Stunning to look at, she is admired by many and her nature is just as lovely. She is three years old and unstarted. She is still growing and should reach approx 14.2 h.

Twisty has had an education appropriate to a well mannered filly of her age. She has grown up on the station so she is tough and smart. Nimble on her feet and agile, she has good, clean movement. It is a shame for this lovely filly to be hidden away in the outback, we would love to see her out and about representing the Morgan breed.


Challa Station Symphony

Challa Station Symphony

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For Sale Pure Morgan Filly -SOLD


Challa Station Morgans proudly offers for sale Challa Station Forever, a pure Morgan yearling filly by Eibens Sterling from Mt Tawonga Belinda.
Forever epitomises the Morgan temperament. Friendly, trusting and trainable, she will make a “forever” horse for somebody who appreciates how special Morgan horses are.
Forever has a solid basic education. She leads, ties up, floats, and everything else you would expect a well mannered young filly to do. She is soft to work with and connects very quickly with people. She has everything in place to ensure a trouble free transition to life under saddle when she is old enough.
She currently runs in a herd environment and has grown up on the station, giving her what we believe to be the best start she could possibly have.


Koolaroo Klasique Ebony SOLD

Challa Station Amazon SOLD

Amazon at 16 months

Amazon at 16 months

Handling our Yougstock.
When we talk about our youngstock being well handled it doesn't really do justice to the level of their training. We know that a soft, respectful horse makes a great riding horse so from the very early stages of their training we encourage the foals to be soft and submissive to the halter. The foals are taught how to move away from pressure aimed at the girth area because one day soon they will have a leg asking them to move away. The older foals and yearlings will know forequarter and hindquarter yield, they will back up to the slightest pressure and they will lower their head when asked. We prepare them for life under saddle long before most people even think of putting a saddle on them.
The foals will pick up their feet for you whilst standing quetly. They will tie solid and the yearlings will load onto a float quietly and calmly.
The result is a young horse who is a pleasure to handle and who enjoys being around people.